Sunday, 14 September 2014

Year 4 Homework - Friday 12th September


  • Maths: Complete the sheet given to you by your Maths teacher.
  • Writing journal: Please bring a writing journal to school, to record all of your wonderful ideas in. This should be no smaller than A5.
  • Guided reading help: If you would be able to help in your child’s class during guided reading sessions (Monday or Tuesday mornings between 09:00 – 09:30), please let the relevant class teacher know. 

  • Reading: Remember to read at least 5 times a week and ask an adult to sign with their initials in the box for each day. Try to read one of the Authors of the Term. 
 Spellings - Practise these six spellings to sharpen up your Maths vocabulary:


                    digit          unit             thousand        even        equals          divide


                  Super challenge!      multiple          eighteen           column

Friday, 12 September 2014

Year 6 homework 12th September 2014

Year 6 Homework  12/9/14 

1                    Read.
2                    Practise times tables using the ‘55 club’ sheet.
3                    In Science this week, we have been studying the function of the heart. Choose an  organ of the body to research and find out as much about it as possible. Your work  should be informative, neat and creatively presented on A4 paper which will be  stuck into your Science book. You may be asked to tell your class about what you  have found out so be prepared!

In Literacy next week we shall be focusing on character description.

In Maths we shall be focusing on number work with a focus on multiplication.

Thursday, 11 September 2014


Stage 4 of the Tour of Britain finished on the Downs in Bristol this afternoon. Several of Elmlea children were lucky enough to be able to watch the finish of the race and several more managed to get Bradley Wiggins' autograph as well as water bottles and signed shirts!

Back at the Team Sky bus Ruben put his questions to Sports Director Nicolas Portal.
Read more by clicking here.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Memories of Year 3

What was your favourite memory of Year 3?

Splash Day because I liked seeing everyone's costumes.

Getting to know all of my class.

Getting mummified and becoming friends with Angiolina.

Coming first in pot and spoon on Sports Day.

The Christmas Play when I was a dancer.

Winning three races on Sports Day.

Doing the Year 3 play and performing a poem.

Being an angel in the Christmas Play.
Lucy and Anna

World Maths Day because I liked being competitive in the House Competition.

World Maths Day because I enjoyed the activities set in the House Competition.

Being in the Christmas Play and dressing up as Miss Trunchbull..

Being in 3M and Blue House winning Sports Day.

Being in 3M and being in the Christmas Play.

I enjoyed our Splash topic and Sports Day.

Sports Day, Arts Week and being Sweetie in the play.

I enjoyed winning the pot and spoon race on Sports Day.

I enjoyed winning the 2 laps on Sports Day.

I enjoyed the whole of Sports Day.

Splash Day and the Netball Tournament.

I enjoyed being in the Christmas Play and meeting Evie, Anna and Lucy.

Going to Caerleon and marching around the ampitheatre.

Arts Week, Shakespeare Week, being in 3M and Sports Day.

Eating Rocky Road at the Pharaoh's party and Sports Day.

Watching 'A Comedy of Errors' by Bristol Old Vic.
It's been a magnificent year!
Have a wonderful summer.

From 3M and Mrs Manning