Tuesday, 4 November 2014


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Thursday, 23 October 2014

Elmlea Saints March to Victory (and defeat)

Saints kicked off this year's St Bede's league campaign with two matches on Wednesday evening.

They battled hard in match one against Westbury Park and took the lead with a controversial scramble by Ollie. Sadly, this was not enough to clinch victory as Park recovered and scored two well-deserved goals.

Saints were not disheartened, though, and in the second match they dominated possession against Bishop Rd. Charlie, Jake and Max were a brick wall of defence and Theo, Ruben, Ben and Barney offered good pace going forward. A great finish by the other Ollie gave us the lead and Saints finished with a flourish when Barney scored a tap in.

Bring on round two!

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Elmlea Cross Country Stars!

The Ashton Park Cross Country is always a huge event. Last Thursday proved no exception!With around 700 entrants it was always going to be a case of elbows out on the start line and go for it! The Y3 and Y4 distance was 1000 m and the Y5 Y6 , 1200 m.

Elmlea has always had a tradition of doing well in cross country events , so the pressure was on but true to form the Elmlea Squads sparkled! Standing out in their smart PE kits it was easy to see them as they worked their way up through the field of runners showing what a talented group of athletes they are. A special mention should go to all the Y3, it was a baptism of fire for them but gosh they did well and also to 11 of our Y5 Y6 runners who have been selected to represent Bristol in the Regional Finals on Saturday at Ashton Court. Good Luck!

Results:  Y3 Y4 Girls Team: 1st place

 Out of 170 runners : Grace Atkin 1st, Emma Baker 5th, Jess Hollingberry 10th, Evie Holt 17th, Martha Barrett 18th, Steph Hamilton James 19th, Zara Wolfenden 20th, Lauren Dickie 21st.

Y5 Y6 Girls Team: !st place

Out of over 160 runners : Ruby Saunders 2nd, Lucy Baker 3rd, Amelia Honor 4th, Alexandra Ness 5th, Rosie Fynn 8th, Franceasca Giambrone 11th, ( All selected for county event) Evelyn Thompson 29th, Molly Acton 30th.

Y5 Y6 Boys Team: 2nd place

Out of 194 runners: Owain Davies 1st, Ruben Francis 8th, Archie Charles 14th, Tom Atkin 16th, Tom Hale 20th, ( All selected for County Event) Ben Potter 45th, Findley Britton 49th, Ollie Rupprecht 59th.

Y3 Y4 Boys: out of 160 runners: Benji Pearce 13th, Ryan Underwwod 15th, Charlie Reilly 20th, Finley Martin 24th, Jo Rodgers 25th, Ed Bishop 44th, Oliver O Dair 57th , James Lane 60th.

Thank you to all the parents who braved the chaos of the traffic! It is much appreciated as was taking responsibility for your child at such a large event.

Well done everyone.

Mrs Atkins

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

4G - Researching for Tudor diaries

Tomorrow you will be writing a diary from the perspective of one of these famous Tudors. Today you have some time to become an expert in your chosen Tudor. you may use the hyperlinks below and any text books from the classroom.

William Shakespeare

  Henry VIII

Francis Drake

Safety Week Activities in Year 4

Click here to play the Safety Awareness games

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Local Dentist Visits Years 3 and 4

Ceri visited Years Three and Four today and helped us understand how to look after our teeth and what happens when we don't.

Can you answer all the questions about his talk?
Write your answers in a comment to win a prize from Ceri's Dental Practice.

1. How long do adult teeth need to last?
2. What job do molars do?
3. Why do dogs have large canines?
4. What does dentine do?
5. What causes decay?