Saturday, 5 April 2014

Elmlea Saints Struggle in St Bede's League - Wednesday April 2

Last time out in the St Bede's league, Elmlea lost bothe games 0-1. Mr Dyer challenged the boys not to lose any games 0-1 this time, and they didn't dissapoint - as Elmlea's year 6 reporter, Amelia, describes...

Anyone seen Lady Luck? 
The year six boys luck well and truly ran out at the St Bede's football tournament on Wednesday. No matter how hard they tried, they just couldn't reach the back of the net. Despite the lack of success, every Elmlea player really pushed themselves and worked as a team when times were getting tough. Our team looked good on paper but unfortunately, we were playing on astro turf. More importantly, we were up against some really good teams.
In our first game, against bishop road, Charlie started putting in some munching tackles and show-stopping passes. We also had some skilled runs from Archie down the wing. Their first goal was a rebound from one of James’s amazing saves. After that, our defence worked hard but two more seeped through. At the final whistle, the score was 3-0.
Up next was Our Lady'. We might have done well against a lady but in fact it was a team of boys. On the side line parents were competing in a `who can shout the loudest` contest. Although Jake played fantastically, two goals were enough to beat us.
Our third match saw us take on Westbury-on-Trym. More brilliant defending from James, Jake and especially Deniro was backed up by heroics in goal from Charlie. Tragedy struck as a last second goal went in just before the referee called half time; one more goal made it another 2-0 defeat.

The boys prepared themselves for one final effort. The moment had come and Mr Dyer gave a speech that rivalled Churchill at his best. St Bon's must have been shacking in their boots. Come on Elmlea! Well, 0-3 wasn’t what we were hoping for but at least we can be proud of Charlie, Jake, Deniro, Will, Ollie, Oliver, Archie and James. If only Lady Luck had been there!

Friday, 4 April 2014

4D's TItanic Newspaper Reports

Click here to read a range of 4D's Titanic news reports

Boat Building Challenge

To complete their Splash! topic, years 3 and 4 were set the challenge of building a model boat out of cardboard, straws, paper and a wooden skewer. The challenge was set by a special visitor, Mike, from the Ministry of Defence. He talked about his job as a naval architect and gave us top tips for designing our own boat.

We worked in small groups and only had one hour to complete the challenge. It was important to work together as a team and each person to take a different job in order to make the boat in time.

Finally, we tested each of our boats by timing them in a water tank to see which one was the fastest. We were impressed with the different designs and the success of our boats - it was a great finish to our topic!

"It was fun to work as a team and come up with ideas to make a boat." James

"It was really good because we used our own ideas." Evan

"It was amazing because we worked as a team." Sam

"It was cool when we tested the boats." Evie

"It was really fun making the boats." Brooke

"I learnt that a boat has to have two pointy ends." Lucy

"It was exciting when we were finding out who had the fastest boat." Henry

4D Maths Group

After Easter, we will be focusing on word problems. The links below will be useful revision and practice. Don't forget to have some paper with you so that you can use your written methods to help you calculate.

Click here to access worksheets

Click here to play a game involving money problems.

Click here for extra money practice.

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Year 3 Homework Friday 4th April 2014

For book recommendations and the option to read the opening chapter of new books, check out
Continue reading and be prepared to talk about one of your holiday reads when you come back to school. You will be given a new reading booklet after the holiday.

To do:

Please replenish your pencil case, including at least three sharp pencils and different colouring pencils.

Make sure you have a named water bottle in school every day ready for the summer term.

We look forward to seeing you back in school after a relaxing holiday.
Thank you to all the guided reading helpers – we will start again on Monday 28th April.

Year 4 – Over the Easter holidays…

Year 4 – Over the Easter holidays…
1. Please restock your pencil case with pencils, ruler and an eraser.
2. Use Mathletics ‘Live’ to challenge your friends and keep your mental maths skills sharp. Have a think about which times tables you would like to attempt in the next Olympics.
3. Our Reading Challenge is now complete! Well done if you read one of the books and completed a review. Over the holidays, read a book of your choice and be prepared to share it with a partner when we return.
If you have any ideas for what we could take on as our next reading challenge, post us a comment on the blog. For example, we could do ‘author of the term’, ‘friends recommend’ or ‘try something new’?
Have a fun, well-deserved break!